Thursday, February 20, 2014

What is the best way to spend a snow day?

Is it learning to moonwalk?  
internet tutorials can be fun
Is it making snow men? 
James made this little snowman to surprise me.  He built it and then rang the doorbell and ran away.  What a fun kid!
 Is it making tunnels and forts?
 Jonny and Mia worked diligently to build this snow tunnel. (It's bigger than it looks- I promise)
 This is a snow cave/fort that Jonny, Rachel and I built together- they could fit in it, one at a time.

Is it sitting in a Jacuzzi?
This was my favorite way to spend the snow day.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Olympic Excitement

The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi have caused quite a bit of excitement at the Kiddodiddo Ranch!  Everyone has found an event to enjoy. 
Curling does not disappoint- I think we may be the only family on the street that knows when and how to cheer for this event (Sweep- Harder! HARDER!)  I think the Norwegian Pants may have something to do with it.  Or maybe because it's one of the few events that Gary and I have tried and enjoyed. 
(If you are not familiar with the Norwegian Pants, here are a few educational links.  We've been fans of the Pants for last few years.
The kiddodiddos also enjoy snowboarding, ice dance (Mia, Simon and Rachel dance and spin around the living room while they watch), skeleton and bobsled.  Here is Mia, Rachel and Simon in their homemade bobsled. 

Jonny is enamored with the biathlon.  Skiing AND shooting?  Yes please.  Here he is with his homemade ski equipment.  It worked very well on carpet- not so much on the snow.  I didn't know he thought it would work outside, but when I peeked out one morning, there he was, ready to go.  He took a minute to adjust his foot straps and tried to take off.  I think he sank.  It was not long before he (in disgust) threw his "ski poles" and came inside.  Sigh- I think that's how it goes for kids: grand dreams versus reality.      

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

If you live at the Kiddodiddo Ranch, chances are this is what you found to help you celebrate the day of love:
Yes, it's a towel rolled up in to the shape of a swan!  (although from this photo, you could also argue for cobra) The kids go nuts for towel origami- something I learned about on a Disney Cruise a few years back.  So on Valentine's day, I make everyone's bed and fold their towels. A super easy, super fun way to spread the love. 
Maybe you'd like to try it too- here are a few links to get you started:
 swans and hearts for Valentine's day
more animals that are fun

Friday, January 31, 2014

a few friendly competitions

This January, Mia had a chance to participate in a few competitions.  The first was the National Geographic Geo Bee.  This one is really hard to study for as they could ask about nearly anything.  We encouraged her to study her states and capitals also countries and capitals.  She did not win the bee, but she did have the most poise on stage.  If you look below she's the only one sitting pretty.  

The next event was the spelling bee.  She studied a good amount for this and lasted until the fourth round.  She's sitting pretty on the right.  Again- I was very proud of her poise throughout the competition. 
Here's the competition she did the best in: Fox Trot!  She came in second place at the Jr Cotillion Winter Ball and the water bottle stuffed with goodies was the prize.   She came home glowing, she had such fun at the event. 

Friday, January 03, 2014

Air and Space Museum

It's always fun to spend the day at the Air and Space Museum, so that's what we did to celebrate Gary's birthday.  If you ask at the info desk, they have a scavenger hunt available for children and that added to the fun. 
They had the Cessna open for climbing in so here are a few fun shots of the family taking turns flying a plane.
 James and Jonny had a long conversation using the walkie talkies on board.  I wish I could remember what they said because they are funny boys.
 Gary and Mia smiling big for the camera- thanks! 
Rachel and Simon took a turn too.  This picture cracks me up because of Rachel's hands- she was steering so fast they were a blur.  It's a good thing too.  If she had held still, her hands would be blocking Simon's face. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A few snippets from December

 My brother B.and his wife C. came to visit.  They brought their adorable daughter too.  Rachel was in heaven!  There was so much giggly, silly time!  We spent time doing a 3D puzzle of wolves, watching silly videos on youtube and just hanging out.  Thanks for coming down! 
 The kids made an awesome looking gingerbread house.  Jonny made no secret that the real reason to decorate it is so that you can add as much candy as possible.  You can tell from James' pose that the house did not last the day.  We like ginger bread houses! 
Here's Mia in her Christmas outfit.  I think she looks cute!  She told me she wanted to "look like a highlighter." I did my best to fill that request, maybe it was not what she had in mind..  I hope she will wear it again- I think she looks good dressed like a highlighter.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Apparently, a Guest Blogger

I found this hidden in the archives:

One day, James decided Mom hadn't posted on her blog in a while, so he decided it had to be the end of the world, because she used to never stop.